About this blog

Spicy Veg comes to you from Chennai,Tamilnadu from Nov2011.

This blog is a diary of my adventures in home cooking. I have a love for all things home made, a special interest in south Indian regional( Andhra )cuisine.

Preparing and cooking delicious,irresistible dishes is an art,but that doesn't mean it has to be difficult.Each recipe in this series is presented to help you make the perfect dish every time.

Spicy Veg is packed full of exciting ideas for delicious and versatile recipes,dispelling the myth that vegetarian food is uninteresting and unimaginative.The majority of the recipes in this blog are very easy to prepare and cook,and very quick too.So whether you are looking for a nutritious and satisfying meal for your self,or are simply looking to introduce more vegetables in to your diet,you are sure to find the ideal recipes in this blog.

Join me as I write about whatever is cooking in my home, from simple everyday meals to attempts to replicate restaurant dishes and tastes of cuisines around the world.

Feel free to have a peak through my Spicy Veg and leave comments/ask any of your favourite recipe to post.

You can email me at sreelakshmi.avvari@gmail.com